pink princes

pink princes

Below the product details, pricing, peak pricing, visible and available periods of the selected product may be found. Delivery on the selected date and region may also be checked. wedding bouq pink princes

Mã SP: Intercat: 808

Giá bán: 3,900,000 vnđ

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  • Remarks
    1. It is not common to send a dual number of roses or other flowers in Israel.
    2. Condolence items that are more common are fruit/gourmet baskets and not flowers.
    3. We do not deliver artificial flowers (silk/dry) or flowers in a box.
    4. Deliveries to military bases are not possible.
    5. Deliveries of SGF to none member towns are not possible
    6. Please notice that Interflora Israel HQ and shops are closed on Saturdays and opened on Sundays.
    7. Peak trading prices on peak trading days are for all kind of flowers and not only for roses. The Medium price is our minimum price on peak trading single flower will be delivered on peak trading days.
    8.vase is not include the price (17 fl for vase)
    9.fruits and chocolates arr and giftbaskets is not available in every cities and need to order 2 days before deliverydate.

    a) Delivery: Same day deliveries: orders to arrive at retrans till 4.00 pm
    b) Charge in EURO: For all deliveries in member towns, unified national fee of 7 Fleurins will be deducted. Deliveries to none member towns will be deducted from the total value

    Flowers always available
    Roses, gerberas, carnations, lilies-liliums, chrysanthemum, eustoma-tysiantus

    Gift Items
    Fruitbasket - on request, minimum 85 fleurin
    Giftbasket - on request, minimum 85 fleurin
    Alcoholic beverages - on request, please specify kind of beverage
    Chocolate - on request
    A vase - extra 17 fleurin
    Only a few members are willing to deliver the above items.
    Special events cards cost 5 fleurin and not available in all our shops.