Bouquet of seasonal cut flowers

Bouquet of seasonal cut flowers

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Mã SP: Intercat: BSCF

Giá bán: 1,612,000 vnđ

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  • Remarks
    The U.K. and Republic of Ireland Intercat codes are not applicable to this country.
    Funeral orders must include the name of the deceased with complete delivery address and telephone number

    a) . Delivery is to be by public transport. Orders for cut flowers only accepted.b) Charges in EURO: For ALL deliveries within GUYANA, whatever destination, an unified national fee of 11 Fleurins will be deducted from the order value.

    Flowers always available
    There may be difficulty with the supply of roses. Usually only red roses are available.
    Lilies, gerbera, tulips and iris are never available

    Gift Items
    Fruitbasket - available with flowers only on request prior to transmission (50% of the value must be for flowers)
    Giftbasket - not available
    Alcoholic beverages - not available