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    When you visit our web site hoalanphuong.com means that you agree to these terms. Hoalanphuong.com website reserves the right to change, modify or remove any part of these Terms and Regulations purchases on the web without prior notice.

    Welcome customers with fresh flowers professionally designed Lan Phuong

    When you visit our web site hoalanphuong.com means that you agree to these terms. Hoalanphuong.com website reserves the right to change, modify or remove any part of these Terms and Regulations purchases on the web without prior notice.

    When you continue to use the site after the changes in regulation and Terms of purchase was published, which means that you accept those changes. Before you decide to order products please check the rules and provisions to update our changes.

    Please read the Terms and Regulations before buying

    1. Guide website: hoalanphuong.com
    HoaLanPhuong.com are selling fresh flowers online website 24/24. Is the flowers, the unit price is displayed continuously and is often the entry level of customer care department that's us.

    You shall have access to your order on the website: hoalanphuong.com. You must notify us when your account from unauthorized access. We do not assume any liability whatsoever, whether directly or indirectly for damage or loss caused by customers not comply.

    Orchids The brand has been registered for protection should prohibit all forms of news copy, brand, logo, product image in any shape or form.

    Besides online support available 24/24: hoalanphuong.com, in addition, we also guide the use of utility services on phones like Zalo / Viber / Facebook / Hotline 24/7 to answer, aid and supports all of our client information when you need treatment.

    2. Buy fresh flowers and the order confirmation.
    When ordering at HoaLanPhuong.com we receive order information and send a confirmation to your order number and order information in your registration email, you can check in the email to known the status of customer orders.

    To place an order on the website: hoalanphuong.com You are required to fill out some information needed to place an order, we only have one single step to simplify the order of the customer. However if you do not fill out the information that we requested, the order failed.

    Each order will have a line of code and is stored on the system of our governance, code orders are sent directly to your email when you complete the order at the time of ordering.

    3. Payment Methods buy fresh flowers
    HoaLanPhuong.com provide the following forms of payment: cash, Paypal and other payment cards of international and domestic money transfers via Internet Banking.

    In addition to the above payments, for the regular customers of United Lanfang we will apply liabilities weekly, monthly, quarterly contracts agreed upon by the parties.

    4. Promotion and losers flowers
    With the desire to bring many benefits to customers, HoaLanPhuong.com often have special deals, gift each product together with fresh flowers, flower power.

    5. Shipping and Systems flower shop
    For the HoaLanPhuong.com network present in 63 cities across the country and connect to the store of Orchids Method and system partners, agents ensure a quick flower delivery. With each province has the characteristics of each province, the provinces will be distributed to the districts, villages and remote areas. v v v

    6. The price of fresh flowers
    Price on website is calculated by VND hoalanphuong.com

    Commodity prices of goods on the website: hoalanphuong.com excluding VAT, in case customers need to provide invoices sufficient information on the system or Email or contact the accounting department of Hoa Lan Phuong

    7. Product Information Flower
    Product information is described in detail under every product that we published, but due to the characteristics of the sector of fresh flowers so we can not commit to providing adequate information, accuracy, integrity, and not wrong errors for each product.

    Products are offered in the form of models and values ​​in order, but the same pattern guarantee is not possible because of the sector-specific factors flowers.

    8. Change the product returns flowers
    For every order of Orchids method provided detailed information about the products and unit prices. You should carefully review the information before ordering, in case you need more information, we can advise you.

    We only change delivery in case the product is damaged due to an error does not ensure the goods during delivery, totally biased against the requirements of the customer. Refundable amount we will return them no later than 5 days after the change returned.

    In case you need to add additional quantities or types of flowers we will provide, the amount incurred in the process of adding the number and categories will be added to the bill of the customer billing.

    9. Cancel the transaction changes the order flowers
    For all orders if cancel prior notice at least 8 hours before delivery during working hours. Orders canceled after this time must still pay 100% of the value for Lan Phuong Hoa

    For orders delivered by the customer but provides the wrong address, but our information is not verified before delivery, we will go back and charge extra delivery costs incurred above.

    For orders received by recipients goods orders we announced to you, that case costs you still have to pay in full.

    When you need to change the order as delivery time, address, recipient's name ... You must inform the delivery time at least 1 hour and pay the costs incurred to change (if any)

    10. Support and customer care.
    We received all the comments of customer complaints and respond as soon as received.

    Information received by phone, email, online support, time 24/7 support.
    => Hotline / Zalo / Viber / Facebook: 0904216207
    => Email: order365day@gmail.com

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